Ethnicity and child poverty

Platt, L. (2009) Research Report No 576, Department for Work and Pensions. 1 May 2009. ISBN: 978 1 84712 560 6 [ONS LS]

Other information:

This report aims to significantly develop the evidence base on ethnicity and child poverty. The child poverty rates observed for most ethnic minority groups are higher than the national average; the report asks whether this is due to increased levels of poverty risk factors amongst families from these groups, or whether it requires further explanation. The author also examines a range of different poverty measures and related indicators for children and families from different ethnic groups – including income poverty, poverty persistence, material deprivation, worklessness, and area deprivation – and uses a variety of analytical methods and data sources to build up a detailed picture of how poverty varies across and within ethnic minority groups.

Available online: Link
Download output document: Full Paper (PDF 2.2MB)
Output from project: 30096


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