Estimation of the number of Welsh speakers in England

Jones, H. (2007) Welsh Language Board, Cardiff 22 January 2007. [ONS LS]

Other information:

The number of Welsh speakers in England is a topic of interest as they must represent the major part of the Welsh-speaking diaspora. Their numbers have been the matter of speculation. To try to produce a reliable estimate of their numbers we have used the ONS Longitudinal Study, a record linkage study containing census information on a 1 per cent sample of the population of Wales and England, to throw light on the issue.

Using the LS offers a means of finding out about the former Welsh-speaking ability of those LS members now resident in England who lived in Wales at the time of the 1971, 1981 or 1991 Census. It does not give an indication of their ability at the time of the 2001 Census. They can be split too into 2 groups: those born in Wales, and others, and this provides another categorical split of interest.

Download output document: Full paper (PDF 129kB)
Output from project: 20080


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