Does ethnic diversity confer protective effects on population health? Intra-UK comparisons of ethnicity and mortality  

Schofield, L (2018) NHS Society for Social Medicine (SSM) conference 5 – 7 Sept 2018 [SLS][ONS LS]

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The most likely underlying causes of the higher mortality in Scotland compared to England & Wales (E&W) and in Glasgow compared to Liverpool and Manchester have been identified recently as relating in large part to vulnerabilities created by adverse historical living conditions allied to detrimental political decision-making. However, it was also suggested that there is a protective effect in E&W and Manchester of greater ethnic diversity, given the latter’s association with lower-than-expected mortality among UK populations. We sought to assess the extent to which Scotland’s ‘excess’ mortality (i.e. beyond that explained by deprivation) was attenuated by adjusting for ethnic diversity.

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OP16 in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health; 72 (Suppl 1): A8.2-A8, DOI:

Output from project: 2013_002, 0301598 (ONS LS)


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