Does conurbation affect the risk of poor mental health? A population based record linkage study

Maguire, A. & O'Reilly, D. (2015) Health and Place, 34(July), 126-134 [NILS]

Other information:

To determine if urban residence is associated with an increased risk of anxiety/depression independent of psychosocial stressors, concentrated disadvantage or selective migration between urban and rural areas, this population wide record-linkage study utilised data on receipt of prescription medication linked to area level indicators of conurbation and disadvantage. An urban/rural gradient in anxiolytic and antidepressant use was evident that was independent of variation in population composition. This gradient was most pronounced amongst disadvantaged areas. Migration into increasingly urban areas increased the likelihood of medication. These results suggest increasing conurbation is deleterious to mental health, especially amongst residents of deprived areas.

Available online: Health and Place,
Output from project: 046


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