Climate and mortality in Northern Ireland 2001-2006

Morris, C. (2008) DSD Statistics and Research Bulletin, 4. Department for Social Development (DSDNI) 1 April 2008. [NILS]

Other information:

1.1The Government in Northern Ireland is committed to addressing the problem of fuel poverty . The Department for Social Development (DSD) published “Ending Fuel Poverty: A Strategy for Northern Ireland” in November 2004 and its Public Service Agreement incorporates a target relating to the eradication of fuel poverty

1.2In support of its work, Department of Social Development published a research paper in November 2007 on the relationship between temperature, fuel poverty and mortality. This bulletin extends the second part of that paper by looking at the impact on the findings from adding additional data relating to deprivation, distance from medical services, illness and disability.

Available online: DSD Statistics and Research Bulletin,
Download output document: Full Paper (PDF 470KB)
Output from project: 002


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