Association between socioeconomic factors and cancer risk: a population cohort study in Scotland (1991-2006)

Sharpe, K.H. (2018) PhD Thesis, 'Socioeconomic inequalities in lung and upper aero-digestive tract cancer incidence in Scotland', Chapter 4. University of Glasgow [SLS]

Other information:
Chapter aims:

To explore the association of cancer incidence with demographic, social and five individual socioeconomic variables (economic activity, occupational social class, educational attainment level, car ownership and household tenure) variables through novel data linkage between the Scottish Cancer Registry and the Scottish Longitudinal Study.

To assess more finely the socioeconomic factors associated with cancer incidence through: i) Examining the consistency of the relationship between area and individual SES measures associated with cancer incidence; ii) Explaining whether any single measure was particularly associated with cancer incidence; iii) Assessing whether the area measure was fully explained by the individual measures; and iv) Exploring whether there were any synergistic effects between the area deprivation measure and each individual SES variable; and v) assessing temporal relationship between the SES measure and cancer incidence.

Available online: PhD Thesis,
Output from project: 2009_005


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