Assessing socio-economic inequalities in mortality and other health outcomes at the Scottish national level

Popham, F. & Boyle, P. (2010) Final report for the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy, SCPHRP. [SLS]

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Scotland has very poor health for a European country highlighted by it ranking lowest for life expectancy at birth for women and second lowest for men in a recent comparative review. Importantly, Scotland has not always held such a relatively poor position. Within Scotland there are also large inequalities in mortality that have been widening in recent years. However, the comparative position of Scotland in terms of inequalities in health is not clear as it has not been included in European comparative projects aimed at comparing inequalities in mortality, health and health behaviours across the continent. The most recent comparative analysis was conducted using data from the 1990s, with census data from the start of the decade being linked to subsequent death records for the comparative mortality analysis. With the introduction of the Scottish Longitudinal Study, Scotland now has a dataset linking 1991 (and 2001) census records to mortality. The main aim of this analysis was then to replicate for Scotland the analysis of the most recent European work by Mackenbach et al. to give a comparative perspective on Scotland’s inequalities. Additionally, we updated the Scottish mortality analysis from the 2001 census and also looked at self rated health and health behaviours using the 2003 Scottish Health Survey to replicate the analysis presented in Mackenbach et al. for self rated health and health behaviours. ...

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Output from project: 2009_004


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