Addressing health: Morbidity, mortality and occupational health in the Victorian and Edwardian Post Office; Sickness in the modern day postal worker evidence from the ONS Longitudinal Study of England and Wales

Green, D., Shelton, N., Brown, D., McIlvenna, K., Newman, L., Smith, H., Preger, N. & Marley, H. (2024) Stories From the Addressing Health Project, The Postal Museum, London, 13 May 2024 [ONS LS]

Other information:

The Addressing Health research project has been studying the lives of 26,500 postal workers in the UK who retired from active service between 1860 and 1908. This workshop tells the stories of some of those individuals and explores the wider issues relating to health and work during these years. The workshop provides an opportunity to see the original documents on which those stories are based and to use the project's datamapper to explore the trends and patterns that shed light on the lives of postal workers in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.


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