‘Accidental bias’ mars HE equal access ambitions in Scotland

Phipps, S., featuring Iannelli, C. (2016) SecEd, 6 January 2016. [SLS]

Other information:

A lack of information for parents about the subjects that universities prefer is leading to an ‘accidental cultural bias’ against poorer students, it is claimed. Sam Phipps reports

Secondary schools need to give clearer information about subject choices if more pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are to go to university, according to a leading Scottish educationalist.

Too many young people miss out on higher education because schools and parents lack information about the qualifications favoured in admissions criteria, said Professor Cristina Iannelli of Edinburgh University’s School of Education.

The result is an “almost accidental cultural bias” that limits the life chances of those from poorer backgrounds and catchment areas...

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