150 years of postal sickness and health

Shelton, N. with Green, D., McIlvenna, K. & Brown, D. (2022) BSPS Annual Conference, Winchester, 6 Sept 2022, [ONS LS]

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This paper will draw together findings from the Addressing Health project https://addressinghealth.org.uk/. For 1861‐1901 this paper uses a new dataset with individual’s cause of death and their health prior to death, derived from three sources. First, the death certificates of UK postal workers who retired in 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901. Second, a sample of several thousand pensioners whose year of death is known. Thirdly, the pension application form for these workers. This form gives the cause of their retirement (giving precise conditions where retirement was caused by ill health) and information on the number of days off for sickness taken in each of the ten years prior to their retirement, as well as information on their occupation, place of work, age, gender and length of service. The period from 1890‐1980 then draws on the work of Taylor and Burridge who looked at the medical causes of retirement and death of UK postal workers. Then from 1971‐2011 this paper explores the limiting long term illness status in 1991 of current and former postal workers in 1971 in England and Wales and their work exit and mortality with cause of death, comparing them to other public sector workers and the wider workforce using the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (ONS LS). This paper uses these data to examine the relationship between health status, cause of retirement and cause of death, between sickness profile and cause of death, and between cause of retirement and longevity.

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Output from project: 2000226


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