CALLS Hub handover Spring 2018

At the end of March 2018, the Census and Administrative data LongitudinaL Studies Hub (CALLS Hub) project will draw to a close. Many functions of CALLS Hub and resources on this site will be handed over to be jointly run by the three LS Research Support Units. We aim to keep disruption to a minimum.

This page will be kept up to date to let you know what changes are happening and our Twitter feed will be used to keep everyone up to date as well.


10/08/2018 – Handover is complete, and the website and all CALLS functions are now maintained by the Research Support Units. The general email address will hopefully be reinstated soon. Users can still contact the RSUs direct or for more general enquiries should use our webform

04/06/2018 – We have begun editing and updating the content of the CALLS website to reflect handover to the RSUs

17/04/2018 – The email address is temporarily unavailable while the domain is transferred. This will be reinstated as soon as possible – see our contact page for options.

01/04/2018 – Over the next 4 months the CALLS domain, email and functions will be gradually handed over to the RSU teams to take forward. We hope there will be little or no disruption to access to the resources on the website, but please follow the Twitter feed for announcements of any downtime.

26/03/2018 – The email address will soon forward to all 3 RSU teams, so continue to use that address for contact, information and advice about any of the Longitudinal Studies

02/03/2018 – The RSUs and CALLS have agreed to retain the domain and title for this resource site in order to provide minimum disruption for users

02/03/2018 – the @CALLS_Hub twitter feed will continue to be manned by the RSUs providing updates and announcements relevant to all LSs



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