Useful documents

Here are a selection of useful documents relating to each of the RSUs and their LSs, including working papers on the development of the datasets, criteria for project approval and licence agreements.


The ONS Longitudinal Study (PDF 757KB) – Poster overview of the ONS LS
Introduction to the ONS Longitudinal Study (PDF 872KB) – Presentation about the ONS LS
LS Series – series of methodological reports abut the ONS LS
LS User Guides – series of ONS LS User Guides
LS Working Papers – research working papers series (1982-2000)


Technical Working Paper 1 (PDF 1MB) – The Scottish Longitudinal Study, an Introduction
Technical Working Paper  2.1 (PDF 329kB) – The Scottish Longitudinal Study, Tracing rates and sample quality for the 1991 Census SLS sample
Technical Working Paper 3 (PDF 328kB) – The Scottish Longitudinal Study, A technical guide to the creation, quality and linkage of the 2001 Census SLS sample
Technical Working Paper 4 (PDF 258kB) – The Scottish Longitudinal Study, The 1991-2001 Scottish Longitudinal Study Census Link
SLS Governance Arrangements (PDF 76kB) – The Scottish Longitudinal Study
SLS Disclosure Control Protocol (PDF 1MB) – The Scottish Longitudinal Study


NILS Working Paper 1.0 (PDF 630kB) – An Introduction to NILS
NILS Working Paper 2.1 (PDF 561kB) – Guide to Completing NILS/NIMS Project Application Form
NILS Working Paper 3.0 (DOCX 905kB) – NILS Data Matching Methodology
NILS Working Paper 4.0 (Word 1.6MB) – Linking the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study to the 2011 Census
NILS Cohort Profile (PDF 142kB) – The Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study
NILS Disclosure Control Policy (PDF 72kB) – The Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study
NILS Final Output Clearance Form (DOCX 121kB) – The Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study
Process for Distinct Linkage Projects (DOCX 1MB) – The Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study
Overview of Census 2011 variables (Word 405kB) – The Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study
Information on NILS metadata (PDF 1MB) – The Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study

Other documents

UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice (PDF 369 kB)
National Statistics Protocol on Data Access and Confidentiality (PDF 324kB)


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