Webinar: Geography and longitudinal data – the UK Household Longitudinal Study and the UK Longitudinal Studies

Oliver Duke-Williams, CeLSIUS and UK Data Service
Gundi Knies, Understanding Society, Institute for Social and Economic Research

Wed 11 July, 15:00-16:00 BST

The UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) and the UK Longitudinal Studies (UKLS) provide very rich resources for researchers. The UKHLS runs from 2009 onwards (building on and incorporating the earlier British Household Panel Survey from 1991 onwards) and has detailed annual surveys of over 30,000 households and more than 70,000 individuals in the first wave. The ONS Longitudinal Study is based on a 1% sample of the population (over 500,000 people) plus other people in sample members’ households, as captured in each decennial census from 1971 onwards. Sister studies operate in Scotland (a 5% sample, from 1991 onwards) and Northern Ireland (a 28% sample, from 1981 onwards).

This free webinar will focus on issues related to geography in both studies, exploring questions such as:

  • what are the most detailed geographies for which results can be generated?
  • how do these data sources handle changing geographies over time?
  • can additional data be linked at an area level?

The webinar will also include a brief outline of both datasets, describing the range of content and explaining how researchers can use the data.

The webinar will start with a 40 minute presentation followed by 20 minutes of questions and discussion.

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