UKcenLS Webinar

Fri, 10th December 10am-12pm GMT

Join us as we showcase the UK Census Longitudinal Studies (UKcenLS) datasets, along with current research using each UKcenLS unit’s data.

About this event

The UKcenLS is the collective name for the 3 UK Census Longitudinal Studies datasets: the ONS Longitudinal Study (LS), the Northern Ireland LS (NILS) and the Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS). Presentations, including an overview of each LS, sample sizes, data included, access procedures etc are given from their research support units: CeLSIUS, NILS-RSU & SLS-DSU. Plus we are showcasing exciting recent findings from researchers using each study.


Welcome – Chris Dibben, Co-Director of the SLS

Introduction to the UKcenLS datasets – from each of the 3 research support units: CeLSIUS, NILS-RSU and SLS-DSU.

Research talks:

  • The Health of Older People in Places Project – Emily Murray (UCL), using the ONS LS data
  • short break
  • Keeping it, losing it or gaining it? The loss, retention and uptake of the Irish language in Northern Ireland – John Hughes (ARU NISRA)/Ian Shuttleworth (NISRA), using the NILS data
  • The Island Effect: sociospatial associations between mental wellbeing and residence on remote Scottish islands – Kathryn Halliday & Tom Clemens (University of Edinburgh) – using the SLS data
  • Final roundup – Chris Dibben

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