UK LS Roadshows – Cardiff presentations now available

On Friday 18th March we held the largest of our UK LS Roadshows to date and we hope the audience enjoyed the day as much as we did.

The first part of the Roadshow showcased research examples from all three LSs – the Scottish Longitudinal Study, Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study and ONS LS, and you can download slides here:

Pathways between socioeconomic disadvantage and growth in the Scottish Longitudinal Study, 1991-2001 (PDF 4MB)

Dr Richard Silverwood, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Ethnic differences in intragenerational social mobility between 1971 and 2011

Dr Saffron Karlsen, University of Bristol

Are Informal Caregivers in Northern Ireland more likely to suffer from Anxiety and Depression? A Northern Ireland Longitudinal (NILS) Data Linkage-Study

Dr Stefanie Doebler, Queen’s University Belfast


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