Grandparenting in Europe. The health and wellbeing of grandparents caring for grandchildren: The role of cumulative advantage/disadvantage

Glaser, K., di Gessa, G. & Tinker, A. (2014) Grandparents Plus Reports. [ONS LS]

Other information:

This study examines international data from 10 European countries on grandparenting from SHARE (Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe) and ELSA (English Longitudinal Study of Ageing) to address the following questions:

  1. How does grandparent health and wellbeing vary by socio-economic, demographic and caring roles?
  2. How is cumulative advantage/disadvantage across the life course (e.g. in terms of childhood, work, relationships, and health), in addition to socio-economic and demographic characteristics, associated with grandparent health and wellbeing? How does cumulative advantage/disadvantage interact with grandparental childcare (and other social roles) to affect grandparent health and wellbeing?
  3. How do variations over time in grandparental childcare affect grandparents’ own health and wellbeing? How does prior socio-economic status interact with grandparental childcare to affect grandparents’ own health and wellbeing? For example, does grandparental childcare have a deleterious effect on health and wellbeing but only for those in the most vulnerable groups and at the highest care intensities? Does grandparental involvement at lower intensities have a beneficial impact on health and wellbeing?

Available online: Grandparents Plus Reports.
Output from project: 30140


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